About Us

For the past 20 years PARK TECHNICAL PRODUCTION LTD has been serving as the leader of the supplier of entertainment and event technology industry.

We are committed to provide our customer with the unique resources and services necessary for their relevant sectors. By sourcing such tailored services we are able to offer the highest efficiency at a minimum cost. Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals, who are passionate about delivering truly excellent services for our customers across industries.

As the Turkey’s leading supplier of entertainment and event technology, PARK provides integrated services and equipment, including audio, video, lighting, rigging and staging systems.

Our services include; concert touring, corporate events, trade shows, special events, theatre and television.

Depending on our Clients requests, we are able to provide a single discipline, such as lighting, audio or video, or we can bundle disciplines for an integrated solution that meets the needs of the entire project.

Park Tecnical Production has performed many organisations in co-operation with Clair Brothers as their rental partners.